Topgear’s Top Guy Fab

Topgear’s Top Guy FabTopgear Tuning Authorised Dealer

Topgear Tuning has been around for about 5 years but with new management taking over and a brand new team we wanted for you to get to know us a little better. Here’s our Technical Support Fabrizio.

Meet Top guy Fab, who is Topgear’s Technical Support. Let’s find out a bit more about him…

How long have you been working for Topgear Tuning and what do you outside of work?

I’ve been working for Topgear since we first took it under new management back in November last year. In such a short period of time I can say there’s been a massive difference in the running of the business and it’s only going to get better. Previous to Topgear Tuning I was the lead ECU technician for DK Tuning and offered technical help to around 50 sub dealers which really gave me a considerable amount of knowledge towards my new role at Topgear Tuning.

Outside of work, I like to relax and get away from the busy lifestyle that resolves around cars. I like to work on projects around the house and also like to catch the odd fish here and there down at the lakes.

Can you tell us what Topgear Tuning do?

Topgear Tuning is a company that provides files for around 500 remapping technicians around the UK and the world.  Alongside tuning, these files are also provided for problem solving too.

Why remapping/tuning as a career?

I first started out as one of the first dealers of Dk Tuning, I remember my first ever car I remapped – well tried to, it was a brand new A7. Dan and I started to become busy, with both of our sales and remapping expertise we bought more dealers each year.

So what’s it like working as Technical Support for Topgear?

So I’m the first contact the dealers come to and I refer jobs either to the file team or to myself in support which will include: answering potential BHP (Break horse power) and torque data, code data, original data location, tool technical help and more.

Can you explain how the files are used to remap a car and what different types of files there are?

Files are taken from the vehicle that the dealer would be working on and are sent through to our portal for us to modify. We then look at the file and to modify

multiple parameters for safe, reliable working of the car, whether this is for eco purposes or performance – ranging from a stage 1 file  and past a stage 3 file. These are then returned to the dealer to perform the writing process.

What are some of the issues you experience with remapping and files?

There is often a lack of knowledge with certain fault diagnostic issues that can’t be rectified through the mapping process.

You’ll find that all that is needed is further diagnostics via different tools such as a millimetre to check sensor voltage outputs.

What do you like most about your job?

It’s all about knowledge for me, the more I gain, the better support I can provide for the dealers.

How many customers do you have to deal with roughly on a daily basis?

On a day to day basis, on average – I take around 15-20 calls regarding technical inquires. Around 30 files  get processed and 10-15 are support related tickets

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the remapping/tuning industry?Put your all into it, you’re only going to get out what you put in. Invest in knowledge then in tools.

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